July 2018 Nerdy Post Unboxing

Hello lovelies! How are you? Today’s blog post is all about my July 2018 Nerdy Post unboxing. Please leave a comment down below letting me know what your favourite item was in this month’s box. Have a great day! 



 This month’s theme is “Childhood classics”. 


The first item in this month’s box is this awesome t-shirt. This was inspired by Hatchet by Gary Paulsen “First food. Then Thought. Then action” . I really like the colour of this shirt. 


Next is a mini print inspired by a Wrinkle in Time. The print says “we can’t take any credit for our tales. It’s how we use them that counts”. I love all of the stars on it. 



Another item is this two sided bookmark. On the first side it says “I’ve laid in a heap of books , and I’m going to improve my shining hours reading.” This quote is inspired by my favourite book of all time Little Women. The other side says “ Perhaps if people talked less, animals would tag more” and this quote is from Charlotte’s Web. 


This beautiful sticker is inspired by Peter Pan. The sticker says “ All of the world is faith, trust and pixie dust”. 


This colour in postcard is the next item. It is inspired by the cover of the Giving Tree. 


Next its a mini print with the quote “people say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day”. This quote is from Winnie the Pooh. 


Another mini print that is in this box is inspired by The Wizard of Oz. The quote says “ You have plenty of courage , I am sure. All you need is confidence in yourself. 



Then is a two sided fat bookmark. One side says “if I couldn’ sleep, I could read” which is from Ella Enchanted. The other side says “never did she find anything so difficult as to keep herself from losing her temper when she was suddenly disturbed while absorbed in a book. the temptation to be unreasonable and snappish is not easy to manage” and this quote is from A Little Princess. 


This lapel pin is inspired by A Little Prince. The quote says “One sees clearly only with the heart”. 


One of the last items is a patch that says “there is magic in everything” which is from the Secret Garden. 


The final item is a print from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The quote says “please,oh please, we beg, we pray,  go throw your TV set away; and in its place you can install A lovely bookshelf on the wall. Then fill the shelves with lots of books, ignoring all the dirty looks”.

Next month’s theme is Shadowhunters. 


July 2018 OwlCrate Unboxing

Hello lovelies. How is your day going? Today’s blog post is all about my OwlCrate unboxing for July. Please leave me comment down below letting me know what your favourite item from this month’s box was. Hope you have a great day. 



This month’s theme is Strange and Unusual. 


This is the spoiler card for this month. I am in love with the illustration of the card. It is so creepy and I love the black and white aspect of the card. I am not going to show you the other side because it has spoilers on it. 


The first item in this box is a pennant flag. This item was designed by Risa Rodil and was inspired by Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. I think tis is a really fun and creative item and I will absolutely be putting this up on my reading art wall. 


Another item that I see in this box is a Funko keychain of Eleven. I love keychains. I am so happy to have this to add to my collection. 


The next item in this box are mints from Boston American Corp. I think this packaging and product is so cute and well thought out. I love how its Ouija board inspired and that the mints are actually in the shape of a Ouija board piece. 


Push pins are the next item that we have in this box. This is another unique item that I find don’t come in a lot in bookish subscription boxes. I also love that they came in this vile and that there are multiple push pins. 


Next is this gorgeous wallet designed by Reverie and Ink. This wallet is inspired by the Raven Boys quartet. I love the colours and typography of the front of the wallet. I also love how sturdy it is and you can also make it into a wristlet. 


Then in this box is a gorgeous vinyl sticker created by TJ Lubraqno. This has the lovable Luna Lovegood on it. I love how fun and vibrant this is. 


The final item in this month’s box before the book is this art print designed by Aun-Juli Riddle. I feel like this art print is the definition of strange and unusual and I won’t have it another way. This art print is beautiful. I love the watercolour effect of it. 


This month’s book is MY Plain Jane by Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand and Jodi Meadows. This is a retelling of Jane Eyre with ghost hunting in it. This book is also signed by the three authors. Also comes with a letter from the authors and a fun craft of Mr. Rochester’s home. 


As always this box come with a newsletter with interviews with the authors and a shop that they worked with, as well as a sneak peak into next month’s box. 



August’s theme is Ruthless Royals and if you get the box next month you will be getting an item from Craftedvan 


June Nerdy Post Unboxing

Hello lovelies. Today’s post post is my June Nerdy Post unboxing. This month’s theme is Fierce Females. I’m so excited to see what goodies we have this month. Please leave me a comment down below letting me now what your favourite item was in this month’s box. Hope you have a good day. 




The first item is a t-shirt. I love their t-shirts. They are so soft. This month the shirt has the quote “leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe” and this is a Arya Stark quote from Game of Thrones. I love Arya. She is a bad ass female. 


The next item in this box is a poster. The quote says “you’re a daughter of the words…a girl with a story to tell”. This is a Mia Corvere quote from Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. I think this poster is absolutely beautiful. I love the typography, the colour scheme and the quote. 


Another item is a print. It says “when the world owed you nothing, you demanded something of it anyway” and that is a Inej Ghafa quote from Crooked Kingdom. I love the white background and the purple text. 



Another item in this month’s box is a two sided bookmark. On one side it has a illustration of Okoye from the Black Panther movie\comic books. On the other side it says “just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved” and this is a Shuri quote from the Black Panther movie. 


 Also in this box is a sticker. The sticker says “sir, I think you have a problem with your brain being missing”. This is a quote from Zoe Washburne from the show Firefly. I love the design of this sticker and the quote. It is very sassy. 


The colour in postcard is the next item in this box. This month’s postcard has Daenerys Targaryen on it. I will absolutely be colouring this in. 


In addition, another item is this mini print of Manon Blackbeak from Throne of Glass. I love the dragon and the dark hues in this print. 



Then in this box is another two sided bookmark. On the first side it says “look not to me for healing. I am a shieldmaiden and my hand is ungentle. This is a quote from the Lord of the Rings and it was said by Eowyn. On the other side it says “revenge is another prayer at their alter, darling, and I’m well off my knees.” This was said by Maeve Millay from Westworld. 


This lapel pin says “anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” I love how colourful this is. It’s so bright.


The next item in this box is a notebook. It was Wonder Woman on it and it says “ you are stronger than you believe”. I love this notebook. I always write stuff and doodle in notebook. 


The final item in this month’s box is a magnet inspired by Illuminae. It says “she is a catalyst, she is chaos” and this was said by Lady Grant. 


June OwlCrate Unboxing

Hello lovelies. Today’s post post is my June OwlCrate unboxing. This month’s theme is Summer Lovin’. I’m so excited to see what goodies we have this month. Please leave me a comment down below letting me now what your favourite item was in this month’s box. Hope you have a good day. 




The first thing in this box is the spoiler card. I love the design and colour scheme of this card. The purples, pinks and blues sues are stunning. I also love that the girl in the picture is reading a previous OwlCrate book. On the opposite side it shows what is in the box. 



An item that we got in this box is a mason jar mug. It says “Book worm and proud”. This is much a good idea to put in a summer bookish subscription box. I love reading outside while drinking iced coffee, so I’ll absolutely be using this. This mug was designed by Michelle Grey and OwlCrate.


Next up we have tea from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe. This is inspired by Since You’ve Been Gone bye Morgan Matson. It has hints of summer apple and peach, which sounds delicious. I don’t drink tea, so I’ll 100% be giving this to my friend that does. I also love the label design. 


Another item we have in this box is an item that I have never seen in any other book subscription box before and that is a towel. It says “My summer is all booked” which is so true.  This towel was designed by Stella Bookish Art. I am so excited to use this. 


Also I this box we received a wooden bookmark. The quote on it says “Summer was a book of hope” and it is from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. This item was designed and created by Ink and Wonder. I have always wanted one of their bookmarks and I am so happy that I finally have one now. 


The final item we have before the book is this little cactus pen. This item was designed and created by BC Mini. I love the bright colours of this pen. 





The book that we received this month is From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon. This booms about Twinkle Mehra who is an aspiring filmmaker. When a fellow filmmaker offers Twinkle the chance to direct a short film, she jumps at the chance to do it. This novel is told from the letters that Twinkle writes to her favourite female filmmakers. This bookstands like the perfect summer read. I’m so excited to read it. The book is also signed by the author and has a letter from the author. We also get an exclusive keychain inspired from the novel. 


After the book we also get a newsletter. This has games, interviews with the author and Riddle’s Tea Shoppe and a sneak peek of next month’s box. 


July’s theme is Strange and Unusual and we will get an item inspired by the television show Stranger Things. I’m really excited for the box.  


May 2018 Nerdy Post Unboxing

Hello lovelies. Today’s blog post is all about what I got in this month’s Nerdy Post box. This month’s theme is Sci-Fi and I am so excited to see what this box has in store. Nerdy Post is a bookish monthly subscription box that features all book\movie\t.v. show inspired items. Nerdy post does not send out books in this subscription box which I think sets it a part from every other subscription box. There are three different boxes you can get. The first is the Nerdy Post Lite which has 6 items. The second is the original Nerdy Post which has 10 items including a t-shirt. The final box you can get is the Ultimate Nerdy Post box and it includes 13 items including a t-shirt. I purchased the Original Nerdy Post with the T-Shirt. Please leave me a comment below letting me know what your favourite item in this month’s box is. 



The first thing that I see in the box is the t-shirt for this month. The quote on it says “I would have lived in peace, but my enemies brought me war.” This is a quote from the book Red Rising. I love the design of this shirt. The colour of Mars is so bold, I like how the ship looks likes it moving and how the text is fading. 


Then we have the spoiler card for this month. On the front it has a beautiful designed print. The quote says “there are no limits except for those that we impose on ourselves.” That quote was from the television show Fringe. I love the contrast between the red and blue. I also enjoy that the word “for” is in the middle and that it is half of one colour and half of the other. 


The next item in this box is a lapel pin. On it it says space pirate with a astronaut on it. The pin was inspired by the Martian. I love the ombre effect of this pin and how it isn’t  just a circle like most pins. It adds uniqueness to it. 



After that we have a two sided bookmark. The first side says “‘That sounds like something out of science fiction’… ‘we live in a spaceship dear.’” This quote is from Firefly. I love the two typographies of this quote. It is simplistic. On the second side it says “the right words can change the world.” This quote is from Ender’s Game. I like the design of this side as well. The picture of the earth on the side makes it pop. Nerdy Post bookmarks are my favourite to use because they feel so soft and buttery. This will be put to good use. 


Another item that I see is this keychain. The quote on it says “Brought product to surface of Mars. It stopped working. 0/10.” This quote is from the Martian. I enjoy this keychain because it is simplistic and funny at the same time. 


In this month’s box we also get four travel the universe postcards inspired from different planets from sci fi movies, tv. Shows and books. The first one is inspired by the planet planet Gallifrey from Doctor Who. The next is inspired by Valkyrie Spires from Red Rising. The third is inspired by Crait from Star Wars. The final post card is inspired by Magrathea from The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy. These postcards are absolutely beautiful and cohesive. This was such a cleaver idea. 


Next item is a mini print that says “you deserve every star in the galaxy laid out at your feet”. This quote is from Illuminae. The typography is beautiful an I love the galaxy background. 


After that we have the colour in postcard that Nerdy Post provides us in every box. This month’s has a astronaut and planets. 


Then we have a sticker that is inspired by Doctor Who. The quote says “all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will… where do you want to start.” I love the blue background under the blue background. 


The final item we get in the box is this print inspired baby Star Wars. The quote says “Hope is like the sun. If you can only believe in it when you can see it, you’ll never make it through the night”. I love the text and how the light hits the planet.  It’s beautiful. 

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May 2018 OwlCrate Unboxing

Hello lovelies. Today’s blog post is all about this month’s OwlCrate box. Please leave me a comment below letting me know what items are your favourite from this month’s box. Hope you have a great day! 


First as always is the spoiler card for this month’s box. This month’s theme is fight like a girl. I always love OwlCrate’s spoiler card. The artwork is always beautiful and fits the theme just right. 

img_1120.jpg IMG_1121

After that we are getting a wall hanging designed by Evie Bookish. The quote says “remember that you are a wolf and you cannot be caged”. The quote is from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I love that the design is so well detailed yet so simplistic. 

IMG_1122 IMG_1124

Then we have a bath bomb from Whipped Up Wonderful. It smells very fruity. It is inspired by Zelie’s magic from Children of Blood and Bone. I will absolutely be using this. 


Next, we have a enamel pin that says “when in doubt go to the library” in the shape of a book. This pin is inspired by none other then Hermione. It was designed by Out of Print. The quote is a saying that I live by. 


In this box we also have a bookmark from Indigo Eleven. On one side it says “if I am marching to my death, then I will march to it as a girl without fear.”  Then on the other side it says “you are strong. Fierce. Capable beyond measure.” Both quotes are from the Wrath and the Dawn duology. I love the design of both sides of the bookmarks, the colours and flowers are beautiful and fits the season. 


Then we get an art print from Melanie Bourgeois. This print is inspired by Inej from Six of Crows. This print is down right gorgeous. I feel like it needs to be framed. 


In addition to the main book we have this month OwlCrate added another book to this book. This book is called Catching Stars by Cayla Keenan. It follows a powerful witch named Jayin who is trying to survive. Her paths cross with Maddix, a man wrongfully in prison and just escaped. Throughout the story they become the most unlikeliest of allies. This edition is an Owl Crate exclusive from Oftomes Publishing. 



The book for this months box is Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young. This follows Eelyn who is a Viking. She ends up face to face with her brother on the battlefield – hr brother she thought died 5 years ago.  She ends up being forced to live among a rival clan, and she discovers life altering secrets. This book is one of my most anticipated books for 2018, I am so excited. This book is also signed. With the book we also get a letter from the author and an exclusive pin. 


Every month we get a pamphlet all about the behind the scenes of making this month’s box. 


Next month’s theme is Summer Lovin’ and we will be getting an exclusive item from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe.  

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April Nerdy Post Unboxing

Hello lovelies! How are you? Today’s blog post will be an unboxing of my Nerdy Post unboxing. Please leave me a comment letting me know if you got April’s box and please let me know what your favourite item was in this box. Thanks. Hope you have an awesome day. 

This month’s theme is Fantasy which I am so excited for. 

IMG_0918  IMG_0919

First in this box we have the t-shirt that comes in every Nerdy Post Combo. This shirt says “Believe me, I’m not ordinary” which is a quote from Merlin. I love everything Merlin. It is one of my favourite stories and tv shows. I love the design on this. The colours complement each other and the artwork is beautiful. 


Next we have the spoiler card. It is based on Lord of the Rings. I love that the whole picture has hues of green. It is very pretty. 


Then we have this beautiful two sided fat bookmark. I love Nerdy Post bookmarks because they feel buttery and soft to the touch. On one side of the bookmark we have a picture of Daenerys with a dragon and sunset in the background. The quote says “I am no ordinary woman. My dreams come true.” On the opposite side we have Fawkes from Harry Potter and a ribbon that has the quote “It matters not what someone is born, but what we grow up to be.” 

IMG_0922     IMG_0923

Also in this month’s box we have this sticker. It says “you don’t need to like reality, only be strong enough to face it.” This is a quote from the Night Angle Trilogy by Brent Weaks. I love the typography and the water colour effect of it. 


After that we have an exclusive lapel pin that features Ghost, the Direwolf from Game of Thrones. This is definitely going on my book bag. 


Next, we have this absolutely gorgeous magnet. This is based on His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. This has illustrations of Lyra, Pan and Lorek. I have not yet read the trilogy, but I really want to read it. When I was younger I did watch the movie when it first came out and I did really enjoy it. My favourite character was Lorek. 


In this box we get another bookmark. This one is double sided and skinner then the first one. On one side it has a quote from the Name of the Wind. It says “ Words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.” I love that quote and the galaxy background it has. Very beautiful. On the other side we have a quote from the Princess Bride. The quote says “have fun storming the castle”. I love the princess bride it is so funny and magical. 

IMG_0927   IMG_0928

As well has a mini print that says “ when people say impossible they usually mean improbable.” The quote is from Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo. I love the design of this. The light blue, green and orange really complement each other and the typography that they used is beautiful. 


Next we have a poster. The quote says “beautiful and full of minsters… all the best stories are”. The poster is absolutely stunning. I love the lantern, the typography, the butterflies and flowers. Everything about it is stunning. I can not wait to hang this on my wall. 


The final item is the postercard. Every month Nerdy post sends out a post card that you can colour in and send to someone. This is what this month’s looks like. 


Next month’s theme is sci-fi. I can not wait.