Shortest Books that I Have Read

Hello lovelies! How are you? Today’s blog post is all about the shortest books that I have ever read. These books are ordered from least amount of pages to most amount of pages. Please leave me a comment down below letting me know what are the shortest books that you have ever read. Hope you have a great day. 


Crimson Dagger 

21 pages 


Freckle Juice 

47 pages 


The Sleeper and the Spindle 

72 pages 


Depression and Other Magic Tricks 

75 pages 


Open Heart 

79 pages 



81 pages 



90 pages 


Never Never Part 3

92 pages



98 pages


Mary Poppins 

109 pages 


Auto Read Authors

Hello lovelies. How are you doing today? Today’s blog post is all about my auto read authors. These are the authors that no matter what they publish I will read them. They could honestly all write a grocery list and I will still read it. Please leave me a comment below letting me know what your auto read authors are. Have a great day. 

– Patrick Ness

– Marie Lu

– Morgan Rhodes 

– Taylor Jenkins Reid 

– Colleen Hoover 

– Markus Zusak

– Jenny Hann 

– Mitch Albom 


Graphic Novels I Have Read

Hello lovelies! Today’s blog post is about all of the graphic novels that I have read. I only got started reading graphic novels a couple of years ago and I love reading them. Please leave me a comment recommending some more graphic novels. Hope you have a great day.

Maus Vol 1 

maus vol1

Maus Vol 2 

maus 2

East of West Vol 1 

east 1

East of West Vol 2

east 2

Saga Vol 1

saga 1

Saga Vol 2

saga 2

Saga Vol 3

saga 3

Saga Vol 4 

saga 4

Saga Vol 5 

saga 5

Saga Vol 6

saga 6

Saga Vol 7 

saga 7

Saga Vol 8

saga 8

Archie Vol 1

archie vol 1

Archie Vol 2 

archie vol 2

Archie Vol 3 

archie vol 3

Archie Vol 4

archie vol 4

Wonder Woman Vol 1

woman vol 1

Wonder Woman Vol 2 

woman 2








Paper Girls Vol 1 

girls 1







Paper Girls Vol 2

girls 2

Paper Girls Vol 3 

saga 3

Giant Days Vol 1 

days vol 1

Royal City Vol 1 

city vol 1