Favourite Audiobooks

Hello lovelies! How are you? Today’s blog post is all about my favourite audiobooks. To me a perfect audiobook has to do with the narrator. If the narrator is dong voices odd or I can’t stand their voice than the audiobook is done for me and then I would just read the physical book. All of these audiobooks have checked all of the boxes for me. Please leave me a comment down below letting med now what your favourite audiobooks are. Hope you have a great day! 



Narrator(s): Kate Wislet 

Length: 4 hours 


Themis Files Trilogy 

Narrator(s): Full ensemble cast 

Length: 8 hours , 9 hours and 8 hours 


The Neighbours 

Narrator(s): Mary Jane Wells and Alex Wyndham 

Length: 8 hours 


American Marriage 

Narrators: Sean Crisden and Eisa Davis

Length: 9 hours 


Boston Girl 

Narrator(s): Linda Lavin 

Length: 7 hours