12 Days of Christmas Book Tag

Hello lovelies. How are you? Today’s blog post is all about the 12 Days of Christmas Book Tag. This tag was created by LizzieLovesBooks. Please leave me a comment down below letting me know what favourite Christas song is?

1. A Partridge in a pear tree: Favorite Stand-Alone Book?


One of my favourite stand alone book is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. It is so well written, the plot is amazing and it just rips your heart out and stomps on it. I still think about this book till this day.

2. Two Turtle Doves: Fictional OTP/Favorite Ship?


My favourite ship is Lara Jean and Peter from To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before trilogy. They are just so cute tgether. They make my heart melt. 

3.Three French Hens: Favorite Trilogy?


One of my favourite trilogies is the Themis Files trilogy by Sylvain Neuval. It is an epic alien invasion story. 

4. Four Calling Birds: Favorite Fictional Beast/Creature?

My favourite fictional creatures are dragons. They are just so bad ass. 

5. Five Golden Rings: Show 5 Golden Books


6. Six Geese a Laying: Rotten egg- What’s your least favorite book?


One of my least favourite books is Behind Closed Doors. This book was just awful. 

7. Seven Swans a Swimming: Show a Book with Water on the Cover


A book cover with water on the cover is The Forever Summer.

8. Eight Maids a Milking: What fictional food do you wish you could taste?


The fictional food that I wish I could taste would have to be ButterBeer from the Harry Potter series. I know that you can make your own ButterBeer, but it’s not the same. I want to be with Harry, Ron and Hermione while Im drinking it. 

9. Nine Ladies Dancing: Favorite dance between two characters?


My favourite dance between two characters would have to be the dance scene in the Perks of Being a Wallflower between Charlie and Sam. I like it because it is the first time that Charlie get out of his shell. 

10. Ten Lords a Leaping: Favorite Book-To-Movie-Adaptation?


My favourite book-to-movie adaptation is Stand By Me. This movie was based off of a Stephen King short story called the Body. The movie did such a good job. 

11. Eleven Pipers Piping: Favorite Book-To-Movie-Adaptation Soundtrack?


My favourite book-to-movie adaptation soundtrack is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1. It is just so magical and haunting. 

12. Twelve Drummers Drumming: It’s the end of the song; what’s your favorite book ending?


My favourite book ending would have to be the Neighbors by Hannah Mary McKinnon. The ending blew me away. 

Bookmas 2018

Bookmas Day 4

Hello lovelies. How are you? All throughout the rest of December I will be participating in Bookmas. Bookmas was created by Hailey at Hailey in Bookland. It is essentially a blogathon or videoathon for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. There are 24 challenges or prompts that we post each day leading up to Christmas. Each challenge or prompt has something to do with the end of the end or the start of a new year. I have always wanted to do Bookmas and now I am so excited to be a part of it. A small sidenote is that I unfortunately did not do the first 3 challenges. So without further or due let’s get into Bookmas. 

Day 4 – Top Ten Books of 2018 


10. The Humans 


9. Foe 


8. The Last Mrs. Parrish 


7. Waking Gods 


6. The Kiss Quotient 


5. The Boston Girl 


4. The Home for Unwanted Girl


3. The Neighbours


2. The Next Five People You Met in Heaven 


1. An American Marriage  


November OwlCrate Unboxing

Hello lovelies. How are you? Today’s blog post is all about this month’s OwlCrate unboxing. This month’s OwlCrate’s theme is Rise from the Ashes. Please leave me a comment down below letting me know what your favourite item was in this month’s box. Hope you have a great day. 

The first thing I see in this month’s box is the spoiler card. This is so epic and gorgeous. I love the colours that they used this month. 


Next is a stunning pillowcase. The quote says “as long as there is life, there is hope.” This is a quote from An Ember in the Ashes. This item was created and designed by Evie Bookish. I am in love with the vibrancy of this pillowcase. 

Another item that ew get in this month’s OwlCrate box is beautiful skull planter. This item was exclusively designed and created by OwlCrate. I can’t wait to put a cactus in this and display it on my bookshelves. 

Next is this wax seal kit. I have always wanted a wax seal kit so I am so pumped for this item. This was designed by Michelle Gray and created by OwlCrate. The actual seal has a book own it, which I am obsessed with. 


Another item is this craft kit. It is called wishing bracelets. Essentially you write your secret wishes, hopes and dreams on the paper beads. Whenever you need a little pick me up you unravel the bead and it appears for you to remind yourself. I think this is such a cool and unique item and I can’t wait to make this. 


We have the monthly pin here. I love collecting these every month. 


Next is this gorgeous sticker from Susanne Draws. This sticker features Dumbledore and Fawkes. I can’t wait to pit this up on my bookish prints wall. 

This month’s book is Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan. Every year eight girls throughout the land  of Ikhara are chosen as Paper Girls. To serve the Demon King as his concubines. Tradition is disturbed when our main character Lei is kidnapped from her village and is forced to serve as the ninth Paper Girl. We follow the nine Paper Girls as they struggle to survive the palace. Then Lei does the unthinkable- she falls in love. This book does have an exclusive cover and is signed by the author. This also comes with a letter from the author and an exclusive sticker decal. I am so excited for this book. It sounds amazing. 


Next in the box we have our monthly panphlet. This includes an interview with the author and Susanne Draws. Also a work search and a sneak peek of whats inside next month’s box. 

Next month’s theme is Power of Illusions and every box will include  an exclusive item from Ink and Wonder Designs. 


The Next Five People You Meet In Heaven Spoiler Review

Hello lovelies. How are you? Today’s blog post is all bout my thoughts and opinions on The Next Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. Please leave me a comment down below letting me know if you have read this book. Hope you have a great day. 


Average Rating – 4. 39 stars 

Genre – Adult Contemporary 

Format – Hardcover 

Length – 224 pages 


Synopsis (GoodReads)

In this enchanting sequel to the number one bestseller The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom tells the story of Eddie’s heavenly reunion with Annie—the little girl he saved on earth—in an unforgettable novel of how our lives and losses intersect.

Fifteen years ago, in Mitch Albom’s beloved novel, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, the world fell in love with Eddie, a grizzled war veteran- turned-amusement park mechanic who died saving the life of a young girl named Annie. Eddie’s journey to heaven taught him that every life matters. Now, in this magical sequel, Mitch Albom reveals Annie’s story.

The accident that killed Eddie left an indelible mark on Annie. It took her left hand, which needed to be surgically reattached. Injured, scarred, and unable to remember why, Annie’s life is forever changed by a guilt-ravaged mother who whisks her away from the world she knew. Bullied by her peers and haunted by something she cannot recall, Annie struggles to find acceptance as she grows. When, as a young woman, she reconnects with Paulo, her childhood love, she believes she has finally  found happiness.

As the novel opens, Annie is marrying Paulo. But when her wedding night day ends in an unimaginable accident, Annie finds herself on her own heavenly journey—and an inevitable reunion with Eddie, one of the five people who will show her how her life mattered in ways she could not have fathomed.

Poignant and beautiful, filled with unexpected twists, The Next Person You Meet in Heaven reminds us that not only does every life matter, but that every ending is also a beginning—we only need to open our eyes to see it.




  • This book was my most anticipated book of 2018. 
  • I have waited 8 years for this sequel and it blew my expectations out of the water. 
  • This is not a religious book , it is a spiritual book. 
  • I loved how it was about the girl that Ed saved in the first book. 
  • Loved how the first sentence is the same in both books. 
  • Adored how Annie was visited by her childhood dog in human form. 
  • Loved how Annie got visited by Ed
  • Loved how the book ended with Annie living. 


  • None. This book is perfection



Plot – 5 stars 

Characters – 5 stars 

Writing – 5 stars 

Pacing – 5 stars 

Cover – 5 stars 

Enjoyment – 5 stars 

Overall – 5 stars 


I would 10000000% recommend this book. 


“Love comes when you least expect it. Love comes when you most need it. Love comes when you are ready to receive it or can no longer deny it.” 

― Mitch Albom, The Next Person You Meet in Heaven

top 5

Top 5 Wednesday – Nov. 7

Hello lovelies. How are you? Today’s blog post is about last week’s  Top 5 Wednesday. The host of Top 5 Wednesday is Sam from Thoughts on Tomes. The topic was the longest books on our TBR. Please leave me a comment down below letting me know what are your longest books on your TBR.

***These are all of the longest books that I have physical copies of that I have not read yet.  


  • Wise Man’s Fear (994 pages)


  • American Gods (750 pages)


  • Gemina (659 pages)


  • Kushiel’s Dart (656 pages)


  • The Final Empire (647 pages)