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Most Anticipated Book Releases For the Rest of the Year

Hello lovelies! Today’s blog post is all about my most anticipated book releases for the rest of 2018. Hope you have an amazing day. 


Release Date: June 5, 2018


Release Date: June 26, 2018


Release Date: July 17, 2018


Release Date: July 31, 2018


Release Date: August 28, 2018


Release Date: September 4, 2018


Release Date: September 25, 2018


Release Date: October 2, 2018

vol 9

Release Date: October 2, 2018


Release Date: October 2, 2018


Release Date: October 16, 2018


Release Date: November 13, 2018


Release Date: November 27, 2018


Release Date: December 4, 2018


Release Date: December 4, 2018


Unhauling of Books

Hello lovelies! Today’s blog post is all about the books that I am going to be unhauling. Please don’t be offended if I am unhauling any of your favourite books. I am unhauling these books because they didn’t work out for me. It is awesome if you love these books. I am happy for you. Hope you have an awesome day!

The Belle’s trilogy 

  • I have read all of the books. I am unhauling them because I will not be rereading them. I thought they were just ok. 


Rebel Belle 

  • I loved this book but I heard awful things about the next two books in the series. I don’t see myself rereading this book because of the negative reviews. 


I Was Here

  • I did not like this book, therefore getting rid of it. 


Saint Anything 

  • I enjoyed this book, but I don’t see myself rereading it.


Beneath Wandering Stars 

  • Did not like this book, therefore getting rid of it. 


All the Houses 

  • This was a cover buy. I am unhauling it because it does not have good reviews. 


Vassa in the Night

  • I got this in a previous OwlCrate box and I have come to the realization that I will not read it. 


Cold Summer 

  • I thought this book was ok, don’t see myself rereading it. 


The River of No Return 

  • I tried to read this book twice, but I couldn’t get into it. 


Since You’ve Been Gone 

  • I thought this book was ok. Can not see myself rereading it. 



  • I thought this book was ok. Can not see myself rereading it. 


Secret Life of Bees 

  • I enjoyed this book. Can’t see myself rereading it.


Half Bad 

  • I thought this book was ok. Can not see myself rereading it. 


Ruby Red 

  • Got this book because of the hype. The book is not getting good reviews from people that I trust. 


The Museum of Heartbreak 

  • Did not like this book, therefore getting rid of it. 



Graphic Novels I Have Read

Hello lovelies! Today’s blog post is about all of the graphic novels that I have read. I only got started reading graphic novels a couple of years ago and I love reading them. Please leave me a comment recommending some more graphic novels. Hope you have a great day.

Maus Vol 1 

maus vol1

Maus Vol 2 

maus 2

East of West Vol 1 

east 1

East of West Vol 2

east 2

Saga Vol 1

saga 1

Saga Vol 2

saga 2

Saga Vol 3

saga 3

Saga Vol 4 

saga 4

Saga Vol 5 

saga 5

Saga Vol 6

saga 6

Saga Vol 7 

saga 7

Saga Vol 8

saga 8

Archie Vol 1

archie vol 1

Archie Vol 2 

archie vol 2

Archie Vol 3 

archie vol 3

Archie Vol 4

archie vol 4

Wonder Woman Vol 1

woman vol 1

Wonder Woman Vol 2 

woman 2








Paper Girls Vol 1 

girls 1







Paper Girls Vol 2

girls 2

Paper Girls Vol 3 

saga 3

Giant Days Vol 1 

days vol 1

Royal City Vol 1 

city vol 1


The Ultimate Book Lovers Tag

Hi lovelies! Today’s blog post is the Ultimate Book Lovers Tag. Hope hope you guys have an awesome day!

1)  Your top 3 fav books

My top 3 favourite books are To Kill a Mockingbird, a Monster Calls and Little Women 


2) Your top 3 least fav books

My top 3 least favourite books are 1984, Lord of the Flies and Romeo and Juliet.


3) A popular author you love

A popular author that I love is Neil Gaiman. He is a wonderful storyteller and he always sucks me in with his whimsical writing. 

4) A popular author you don’t love

A popular author I don’t love is John Green. I could never get into his books.  

5) An underrated book you think everyone should read

An underrated book I think everyone should read is I am the Messenger. I still think about this book years after I read it. 


6) A series you won’t finish

A series I won’t finish is The Raven Boys (as of now I won’t finish. I tried twice to read this book). The first book didn’t do anything for me. 


7) Earliest bookish memory

My earliest bookish memory is of my parents reading Robert Munch to me before bed. 

8) Favorite bookish memory 

My favourite bookish memory is going to a Morgan Rhodes and Marie Lu author signing with my best friend. 

9) You’re favorite genre to read

My favourite genres to read are contemporary and fantasy. 

10) You’re least favorite genre to read

My least favourite genre to read is erotica. 

11)One difficult or important book you’re proud to have read 

Two important books that I am proud to have read are To Kill a Mockingbird and Night. Both have important messages that convey the end of time. 


12) You’re favorite childhood book

My favourite childhood book is Stephanie’s Ponytail. I remember making my parents read that to me so many times. 


13) You’re favorite book cover 

My favourite book cover is Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. The Puffin in Bloom edition. 


14) An ugly book cover

An ugly book cover is my edition of the Casteel series by V.C. Andrews.  


15) A Diverse book recommendation 

A diverse book recommendation is An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. This book has all characters of colour. 


16) Why do you love to read
The main reason I love to read is that while you read you get to escape from reality to a different world or time period. You learn so much while you read. 


Bookmark Collection

Hi lovelies. Today’s blog is about my bookmark collection. I love collecting bookmarks. Please leave me a comment below letting me know if you like collecting bookmarks. 


Alice in Wonderland bookmark created by Rock Paper Books and designed by Lisa Rodil. From November 2016 Wonderland themed OwlCrate box.


“Curiouser and Curiouser…” Metal Bookmark  created and designed by Authored Adornments. From November 2016 Wonderland themed OwlCrate box. 


Royalty trio bookmarks created and designed by Crafted Van. From June 2016 Royalty themed OwlCrate box. 


Where the Wild Things Are duo magnetic bookmarks created and designed by Crafted Van. From October 2017 Find me in the Forrest themed OwlCrate box. 


Star Wars bookmark created and designed by Lexie Olivia. From the March 2018 Across the Galaxy themed OwlCrate box.


Six of Crows Bookmark created and designed by Evie Bookish. From the September 2016 Darkness themed OwlCrate box.


The Serpent King and the Perks of Being a Wallflower two sided bookmark created and designed by OwlCrate. From the December 2017 Seize the Day themed OwlCrate box.


Fabric Button Bookmark designed and created by My Heart My Tribe. From the October 2016 Once Upon a Dream themed OwlCrate box.

IMG_0998IMG_0999IMG_1002IMG_1016 IMG_1011

Various Book Depository bookmarks that are created and designed by Book Depository. All of the bookmarks have come in packages that I have ordered from them over the years.


Two bookmarks created and designed by Little Inkling Designs. I order these bookmarks from her Etsy shop.



Various bookmarks from my local bookstore Chapters Indigo. I purchased these throughout the years.


Name of the Wind and the Princess Bride two sided bookmark created and designed by Nerdy Post. From the April 2018 Fantasy box.


An American Marriage Review

Hi lovelies. Today’s blog post will be a book review on An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. I hope all of you pick up this book. Have an awesome day!


Genre: Fiction

Format: Audiobook

Length: 9 hours and 1 minute

Synopsis (From Goodreads) 

Named an Oprah’s Book Club Selection.

Newlyweds Celestial and Roy are the embodiment of both the American Dream and the New South. He is a young executive, and she is an artist on the brink of an exciting career. But as they settle into the routine of their life together, they are ripped apart by circumstances neither could have imagined. Roy is arrested and sentenced to twelve years for a crime Celestial knows he didn’t commit. Though fiercely independent, Celestial finds herself bereft and unmoored, taking comfort in Andre, her childhood friend, and best man at their wedding. As Roy’s time in prison passes, she is unable to hold on to the love that has been her center. After five years, Roy’s conviction is suddenly overturned, and he returns to Atlanta ready to resume their life together.



  • The two narrators were AMAZING! 
  • The characters were awesome, flawed, real and beautiful. 
  • The story was compelling and real.
  • The story centres around a African American couple in the South which I appreciated the representation. 
  • It made me think so much about us as humans days after I finished it. 
  • The author wrote about a realistic marriage that has high highs and low lows. 
  • I did not expect the ending. I thought the story would be headed in a different direction. I loved the ending. It was realistic. 
  • This will definitely be in my top books of 2018. 


  • None. Absolutely perfect 


Characters – 5 stars 

Writing – 5 stars 

Pacing – 5 stars

Narrator – 5 stars 

Enjoyment – 5 stars 

Overall – 5 stars 

I would 100% recommend this book.

“But home isn’t where you land; home is where you launch. You can’t pick your home any more than you can choose your family. In poker, you get five cards. Three of them you can swap out, but two are yours to keep: family and native land.” 

― Tayari Jones, An American Marriage