March and April Bullet Journal Layout and Flip Through

Hello lovelies! How are you. Today’s blog post is all about a look through of my March and April spread of my bullet journal. Please leave mea comment down below letting me know if any of you do a bullet journal and if so is is for books or something else? Hope you have a great day.


The first page that I am going to show you are my March title page. For my March title page I decided to do paint splatters. I loved how it turned out. 


The next pages are my TBR page and Haul page. So for my TBR for every single month I write down five books that I want to make a priority to read this month. As you can see I did very well and stuck to the five books. The haul page is where I list all of the books that I bought in that month


The next set of pages are my pages read and read page. My read page is where I sit all of the books that I read in that month and my pages read is where I mark down the pages I read in that specific day. I love the visual appeal to this page. 


My April title page and April TBR are the next set of pages. I decided for this month’s title page that the most appropriate design would be clouds and rain drops because of the old saying “April showers bring May flowers”. These five books on my TBR page are my main priority this month. Im excited to get to these books.


Haul and Read pages are next. The Haul page is where I will write down the books that I bought this month. The read pages are all of the books that I have read that month. I like seeing a list of all of the month. 


The final page is my Pages Read spreed. This page is where I graph the number of pages I read each day. I love to look at my progress at the end of each month. I find it so satisfying. 

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