Favourite “I Love Lucy” Episodes

Hello lovelies! How are you? Today’s blog post is all about my top ten favourite episodes of I Love Lucy. If you know me at all you probably know that I Love Lucy is one of my favourite shows. I love the hilarity, the friendships and how this show broke barriers. This list is in no particular order. Please leave me a comment down below letting me know if you have ever seen this she and what your favourite episode is. Hope you have a great day. 

Lucy Learns to Drive 

lucy learns to drive

Lucy insists in learning to drive the new car so she can help with the driving on the way to California. After one bad lesson, she tries teaching Ethel how to drive. Ethel ends up wrecking the car before it has insurance.

Lucy Cries Wolf

cries wolf

Lucy fakes a crisis to test Ricky’s love for her.

Lucy Does a T.V. Commercial 

tv commerical

Lucy has angled her way onto Ricky’s special as the show’s pitch girl. She advertises a medicine called “Vitameatavegamin.” Believing it contains vitamins, minerals, meat, and vegetables, Lucy does not know is that it also contains twenty-three percent of alcohol.

New Neighbours 

new neighbors

Lucy thinks the new neighbors are plotting a murder.

The Camping Trip 


Lucy and Ethel want to go with Ricky and Fred on their camping trip.

Changing the boy’s Wardrobe 


The girls decide they are tired of Ricky and Fred wearing the same old worn out clothes at home and decide to make some changes.

Lucy in the Swiss Alps


The Ricardos and Mertzes get trapped in a cabin by an avalanche.

First stop

first stop

When the gang is traveling through Ohio, the stop at a diner and motel run by a man who takes advantage of them.

Lucy Tells the Truth


When Ricky and the Mertzes wager that Lucy can’t go a full day without telling a lie, her husband and friends feel more than a bit stung by her unabashed honesty.

Lucy Goes to the Hospital 


Lucy has her baby.

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