2019 Bullet Journal

Hello lovelies! How are you? Today’s blog post is all about my 2019 bookish bullet journal set up. I have always been interested in doing a bullet journal and then I saw Kristen from Super Space Chick’s lay bullet journal video that she recently did and I just knew that I wanted to d one. Now 90% of this layout is her layout so I wanted to do a shoutout to her. I did not create this layout. Please leave me a comment down if you guys have a bullet journal. Hope you have a great day. 

So my bullet journal is the Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Bullet Journal in the colour berry. I am in love with it. So my first pages are quotes pages. On the left I decided to write “twelve new chapters. 365 chances” and on the right I wrote “hello 2019”.  I wanted to start off my bucket journal with New Years inspired quotes. 


The next page is my 2019 stats. At the end of each month I want  to write down the amount of followers I have, the number of book is read and the number of books I hauled. I just like the visual representation of this.  On the opposite side I have my marked as read page. I have a mini calendar for each month of the year. I plan on colouring a day in when I finish a book on that day. I feel like this will be interesting in seeing if there is a pattern on when I finish books. 


My title page for my Reading Challenges are on the next page. The right of the page is my Goodreads reading challenge. I decided to draw aa book. Along the spine of the book are numbers from 5 to 130. Whenever I read five books I will colour in a section of the book. My goal is to reach 100 books. 


The next three pages are my Popsugar Reading 2019 Challenge. There are 40 prompts for you to read. Fr example “read a book with over 1 million ratings on Goodreads” or “read a book including a wedding”. I think that this will be a fun way in getting out of my comfort zone. 


I have a goal of reading one classic a month. So I decided to make a page listing all of the classics that I want to read this year. 


The next two pages are my 2019 rereads and my signed booked collection.  I really want to reread books in 2019, so when I reread a book I will write down on this page. I would love to keep track of the books that I get signed too.


Another page that I have is my 2019 OwlCrate page. This is where I will write down the books that I get in each OwlCrate box and at the end of the year I will see the amount of OwlCrate book that I have read. The page next to it is my January title page. 


Additionally I have my January TBR. This page I will right down the five books that I plan to read that month. On the next page I have is my haul page this is where I will write down all of the books that I have bought or received that month. 


The final two pages are my read page and my pages read page. My read page is where I will write down all of the books that I read and their star rating for the month. The last page is pages read page is where I will mark down the number of pages I read each day. 

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