Bookish Yearbook Superlatives

Hello lovelies! How are you? I missed you all. Today’s blog post is all about bookish yearbook superlatives. Yearbook superlatives are like “best dressed” “best couple” or “class clown”. I have a list of 8 common yearbook superlatives and I am going to be desiding on a book character for that superlative. Please leave me a comment down below letting me know what your bookish yearbook superlatives are. Hope you have a great day. 

Biggest Flirt (Daisy from the Great Gatsby)


Daisy is so flirtatious around Gatsby and leads him on. 

Best Musician (Mia from If I Stay)


Mia loves the cello. She loves the instrument more the her friends and family. To me the cello is more then a passion, it’s a life line. 

Best Artist (Craig from It’s Kind of a Funny Story)


Craig faces depression and anxiety. To cope with his mental illness he turns to drawing brain maps. He started drawing these brain maps in his childhood and it becomes an even greater influence on him during his time in a mental hospital. These drawings are Craig’s life line. 

Best Couple (Peter and Lara Jean from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before)


They just get each other. They are such opposites, but that’s what makes them a great couple. Peter was totally into Lara Jean , even before their contract. They are so comfortable with each other. They have great and deep conversations with each other and even when they fight they are still into each other. 

Class Clown (Kenji from the Shatter Me Series) 


Kenji us absolutely the comic relief intros dystopian series. He has such witty comebacks. 

Most Likely to Become Prime Minister (Hermione from the Harry Potter series)


She would keep everyone in line.  She is so smart, she would make very well rounded political decisions. 

Biggest Bookworm (Matilda from Matilda) 


She is perhaps the most brilliant of all bookworms. She lives in a house where she is not treated very well by her parents and her brother. She finds her resilience in reading by escaping to far off places and different time periods. 

Most Likely to Change the World (Ed from I am the Messenger)


Ed helps people who can’t help themselves. He doesn’t want want anything from them in return. He helps a rape victim, an elderly woman and a fifteen year old girl. Ed has changed the lives of these people and I am certain he will change the world with his kindness. 

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