September OwlCrate Unboxing

Hello lovelies. Today’s blog post is all about my September OwlCrate unboxing. This mont’s theme was Masters of Disguise and I have no idea what the book for this month’s is. OwlCrate is a monthly subscription box that comes with a newly released Young Adult novel and 3 to 5 bookish goodies. Please leave me a comment down below letting me know what your favourite item in this month’s box is. Hope you have a great day. 


First thing I see in this box is the spoiler card. It is beautiful as always. I love the purple hues the artist used in this print. I am not going to look that the back of the print because it has spoilers and I want to be surprised. 

Next is a mug that is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It was created and designed by Cara Kozik. I love the artwork and all of the iconic scenes on this mug. 


Another item that I seen this box is bath soak created by Leeloo Soaps. This item was inspired by the Diabolic. I absolutely want to use this in the future. 


Fourth item in this box is a pair of fingerless gloves that was created by the OwlCrate team. This item was inspired by the Six of Crows duology. I love it when subscription boxes have practical items in their boxes. 


This gorgeous lip balm was created and designed by GeekFireLabs . It was inspired by the Kiss of Deception trilogy. It smells like apple and spearmint. This smells so good. 


The next item is a gorgeous art print of Lila Bard from the Shades of Magic trilogy. This was designed by Kirsty Carter. This is beautiful. It will absolutely be going upon non my art print wall. 


Another item is the pin that they always include in the box. It is a close up of the royals’s face on the spoiler card. I love collecting these.


The final item before the book is a promotional card with nail polish for the upcoming release of Grim Lovelies. This is such a good idea. I have never gotten nail polish in a subscription box before. I love the colour of it as well. 


The book for this month is Mirage by Somaiya Daud. This is about Amani, who is kidnapped to the royal palace. There she discovers that she look a lot like the hated Princess Marem. Amani is forced to impersonate the princess at all of her social gatherings. This is a debut novel with fantasy and sci-fi elements. I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about this book, but I am very intrigued about this novel. It sounds awesome. 

This novel also comes signed by the author, a note from the author and a special design underneath the dust jacket. We also get a panflete with a interview from the author, word search and an interview with Leeloo Soaps. 

Next month’s theme is Lost in a Bookstore. Every October box will include an exclusive pair of socks from Our of Print and will also include two hardcover and signed books. 

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