August 2018 OwlCrate Unboxing

Hello lovelies. How are you? Today’s blog post is all about my August OwlCrate unboxing. This month’s theme is “Ruthless Royals”. Please leave me a comment down below letting me know what your favourite item was in this month’s box. Hope you have a great day. 



The first item I see is the monthly spoiler card. I love the design of this card. The two royals with the daggers behind both of them. I won’t look at the back because I don’t want to spoil myself for what awesome goodies are in this box. 

Next is a gemstone ring from GeoCentral. I love the colour and how much of a statement piece this is. 

Another item that we have this month is a pocket mirror. It is inspired by the Belles and designed y Catarina Book Designs. It says “May you always find beauty”. It is beautiful. 

Then, we have three magnetic bookmarks designed by Craftedvan that is inspired by famous Disney villains. We have Maleficent, the Queen of Hearts and the Evil Queen. On the other side of each bookmark it has what they transform into which I think is a cute touch. 

Next, is a book tin designed by Stella Bookish Art. It was inspired by the Cruel Prince. On the front it says “I like for things to happen.. stories to unfolding if I can’t find a good enough story, I make one”, one the inside of the tin it says “sharpen your blade. Harden your heart” and on the back it says “I am a mere mortal and you are a prince of faerie. You have much more to lose and I have nothing.” This tin is absolutely gorgeous and I love the quotes on it. 

We also get a mini print in this month’s box. This quote is from Before she Ignites. The quote says “I wanted freedom in the same way I wanted my next breath: an unspoken but constant desire” This will absolutely be going on my print wall. On the other side it is a promotional card for the next book that series which is called As She Ascends”. 


Another item is the OwlCrate pin that we always get every month. It has the Royal in the purple on it from the spoiler car.


The final item in this month’s box before the book is a tea towel inspired by Throne of glass and designed by Little Inkling Designs. The quote on the towel says “she had often wished for adventure, for old spells and wicked kings”. I love the galaxy background it has. 

This month’s book is Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart. This is a story about a dystopian world where women have no rights. Serina Tessaro has been training to become a Grace, someone who will stand by the heir as an example as a perfect lady. Her sister Nomi dreams of so much more. Then unexpectedly Nomi gets picked t be a grace and Serina gets banished to a island due to a secret that Nomi has been hiding. The sisters go on a journey to find each other. 

This edition that we are getting is an exclusive OwlCrate cover and I do love it more then the original. It is signed by the author. There is also a bookmark and a letter from the author. 


As always we get a pamphlet all about the behind the scenes of making this month’s box. Such as an interview with the author and a vendor that they had this month, as well as a word search. 

Next month’s theme is Masters of Disguise and we will also be getting a Harry Potter inspired mug from Cara Rozir. 

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