Funko Pop Wishlist

Hello lovelies. How are you? Today’s blog post is all about what is on my Funko Pop Wishlist. These are in no particular order. These Funkos are already available to buy. Please leave me a comment down below letting me know what Funko Pops are on your Wishlist.

Doc Brown and Marty McFly from Back to the Future. One of my favourite movies.

Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. I am very surprised that I don’t have these because Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney movie.


Joey from Friends. He is my favourite character on that show.


Jack-Jack from the Incredibles. He is just so cute.

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy. I found out these were going out last week, I cried then I pre-ordered them. I love I Love Lucy. It is such an iconic and funny show. I am obsessed with the show and Lucille Ball.

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