Twenty-Five Facts About Me

Hello lovelies. How are you? Today’s blog post is about twenty-five facts about myself. Please leave me a comment down below letting me know a fun fact about yourself. Hope you have a great day. 

  1. I am 5 foor 1 inch.
  2. I am a Leo. 
  3. My favourite place in the world is the cottage. 
  4. I am terrified of clowns and heights. 
  5. My favourite fruit is watermelon. 
  6. I am the youngest of three siblings. 
  7. My favourite animal is a giraffe.
  8. My dream trips are to go to Amsterdam and New York City. 
  9. I can not snap my fingers. 
  10. I wear size 6 shoes.
  11. My favourite clothing store is Old Navy. 
  12. My favourite seasons are Autumn and Summer. 
  13. I have a cat named Aslan. 
  14. My favourite colour is turquoise. 
  15. One of my heroes is Bethany Hamilton. 
  16. I have four different editions of Little Women. 
  17. My favourite dessert is cherry cheese cake. 
  18. My favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. 
  19. My favourite author growing up was Judy Blume. 
  20. My birthstone is ruby. 
  21. I am obsessed with the television show I Love Lucy and the actress Lucile Ball. 
  22. I am a Hufflepuff. 
  23. I want to learn sign language. 
  24. I am passionate about mental health and that is the career field I want to pursue. 
  25. My celebrity crushes are Henry Cavill and Bradley James.

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