The Ultimate Book Lovers Tag

Hi lovelies! Today’s blog post is the Ultimate Book Lovers Tag. Hope hope you guys have an awesome day!

1)  Your top 3 fav books

My top 3 favourite books are To Kill a Mockingbird, a Monster Calls and Little Women 


2) Your top 3 least fav books

My top 3 least favourite books are 1984, Lord of the Flies and Romeo and Juliet.


3) A popular author you love

A popular author that I love is Neil Gaiman. He is a wonderful storyteller and he always sucks me in with his whimsical writing. 

4) A popular author you don’t love

A popular author I don’t love is John Green. I could never get into his books.  

5) An underrated book you think everyone should read

An underrated book I think everyone should read is I am the Messenger. I still think about this book years after I read it. 


6) A series you won’t finish

A series I won’t finish is The Raven Boys (as of now I won’t finish. I tried twice to read this book). The first book didn’t do anything for me. 


7) Earliest bookish memory

My earliest bookish memory is of my parents reading Robert Munch to me before bed. 

8) Favorite bookish memory 

My favourite bookish memory is going to a Morgan Rhodes and Marie Lu author signing with my best friend. 

9) You’re favorite genre to read

My favourite genres to read are contemporary and fantasy. 

10) You’re least favorite genre to read

My least favourite genre to read is erotica. 

11)One difficult or important book you’re proud to have read 

Two important books that I am proud to have read are To Kill a Mockingbird and Night. Both have important messages that convey the end of time. 


12) You’re favorite childhood book

My favourite childhood book is Stephanie’s Ponytail. I remember making my parents read that to me so many times. 


13) You’re favorite book cover 

My favourite book cover is Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. The Puffin in Bloom edition. 


14) An ugly book cover

An ugly book cover is my edition of the Casteel series by V.C. Andrews.  


15) A Diverse book recommendation 

A diverse book recommendation is An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. This book has all characters of colour. 


16) Why do you love to read
The main reason I love to read is that while you read you get to escape from reality to a different world or time period. You learn so much while you read. 

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