top 5

Top 5 Wednesday – April 25

Favourite Fandom Items

1. Camelot T-Shirt from Society 6 – This shirt brings together two of my favourite things; Disney and Merlin. I love how Camelot looks like the Disney castle and how the font of Camelot looks like the “Disney” lettering.

2. I Love Lucy Bubble Gum Print from Etsy – This piece of art is so unique. The bubble gum is such a nice pop of colour and the newspaper background makes Lucy stand out.

3. Star Wars Feminist T-Shirt from Etsy – Princess Leila was such a strong female character. The quote and the bad ass picture of Leila pays a beautiful tribute to Carrie Fisher and her legacy.

4. Once Upon a Time Wax Tarts from In the Wick of Time – I’ve always wanted to know what Storybrooke would smell like and now I can. I love in the Wick of Time candles. This is going to be my next purchase from her shop.

5. The Goonies Mug from Etsy – The Goonies is one of my favourite movies and the quote is from one of my favourite scenes in the movie. This mug would be convenient to show my enthusiasm for the movie.

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