This or That Tag

1. Reading on bed or couch
I prefer reading on my bed. I usually read the most at night in my bed before going to sleep.
2. Male or female main characters
As long as I can relate to the character it does not matter to me. Although as I am saying that I tend to relate more to female main characters.
3. Sweet or salty snacks while reading
Salty snacks all the way. My prefer snack of choice while reading is chips.
4. Trilogies or quartets
Trilogies because I feel like that is the perfect amount of time to be with the characters and plot. It isn’t too shot or too long.
5. First or third person P.O.V
First person all the way. To make me connect to a character I have to be inside their head and know their thoughts and feelings.
6. Reading at night or morning
I get most of my reading art night before I go to bed.
7. Libraries or bookstores
My favourite place on earth is my local bookstore. I love the energy there.
8. Books that make you laugh or cry
I prefer books that make me cry. When I cry while reading a book it is because I feel so much for the characters I want to give him a hug. Crying while reading a book shows me that I connect so much to the characters that I react physically to their pain.
9. Black or white book covers
Black covers because it doesn’t get dirty.
10. Character or plot driven
I love character driven stories because the characters are the ones that I am most interested in. All of my favourite stories are because I fell in love with the characters.

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